DIY Tacoma Speaker Mounts (2010)

DIY Tacoma Speaker Mounts for A 2010 Toyota Tacoma.

I love just about every aspect of my new Toyota Tacoma but the stereo is horrible. After about a week of constantly reaching to turn up the stereo and it already maxed out I decided to upgrade the audio system. I bought a pair of Alpine SXE-1750S 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speakers to replace the front speakers. The stock speakers are non standard so I had to make a pair of 6.5″ Tacoma Speaker Mounts. The new speakers are 280 Watts Peak / 45 Watts RMS with High Polymer Foam Edge and Long Fibre Natural Pulp Cone. I had to build a spacer because the OEM speakers were a non standard size. Currently I am powering them with an Autotek ATX950.4 4 Channel 950 Watt Amplifier.

Tacoma Speaker Mounts